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Ab Bank Dur Nahi with SpotPe!

Alankit in association with ten eminent National Banks, aim to deliver a whole gamut of banking services to the underserved population at a substantially lower cost. SpotPe, our dedicated platform, ensures seamless banking transactions through Customer Service Points (CSPs), focusing on the underserved.

With remote biometric-enabled Kiosk Banking technology, we empower secure deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and bill payments. Banking is now accessible and affordable, championing financial inclusion.

Join us at SpotPe and experience hassle-free banking at CSP centres, where technology meets financial empowerment.

Benefits of Becoming a Kiosk Banking Associate

By becoming a kiosk banking agent with SpotPe, you will experience multiple benefits for your business, including:

New Revenue Stream
Strong Brand Name
High Number of Walk-in Customers
Performance-Based Incentives
Wallet Recharge Facility
Easy Transactions

Services We Offer

At our kiosk banking setup, we offer different banking services to people from all walks of life. Our goal is to make banking accessible to everyone, including those who are often overlooked or underserved. We believe that everyone in society should have easy access to essential banking services.

Opening Accounts
Cash Withdrawals
Cash Deposit
Money Transfer
Micro-ATM (m-ATM) Services

Our Association

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