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Banein Apne Area Ka Banker with SpotPe!

Partnered with ten prominent national banks, we provide a wide range of banking services all across India at a resonable cost. SpotPe makes it easy for people to do their banking at Customer Service Points (CSPs), expanding access to banking services. Through our mobile ATM (m-ATM), we offer over 35 financial and non-financial services, making banking simple and convenient for our customers. This helps us achieve our goal of making banking accessible and affordable for everyone, promoting financial inclusion. Join us and experience the convenience of banking.

NPS (National Pension Scheme)

NPS: Aapke Liye, Aapka Secured Bhavishya

SpotPe makes it easy for people in small towns to invest in NPS (National Pension System) through Alankit. You can contribute to your retirement fund conveniently, get tax benefits, and choose how to invest your money. With flexible payments, you can start small and gradually build a stable future. SpotPe's NPS investment platform makes it simple to plan for a comfortable retirement in your hometown.

PAN (Permanent Account Number) services

Ab PAN Card Banvayein on the Spot with SpotPe

SpotPe makes it easy to handle PAN-related services. You can apply for a new PAN card or make corrections smoothly. With rich experience in this field and we aim to provide a hassle-free process. Our experts are quick to respond to any questions, making the whole process fast and convenient. SpotPe is your go-to platform for getting a new PAN card or updating the PAN Card, making its process much simpler.

Ayushman Bharat

Ayushman Bharat: Sehat aur Samriddhi ka Saathi

Access cost-effective and secure e-card printing solutions for Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) with SpotPe. As a PMJAY Service Agent (PSA), we empower the underprivileged through the PMJAY scheme, ensuring their healthcare needs are met. Seamlessly register, validate beneficiaries online and make hassle-free installment payments.


SpotPe: Aapke Sapno ki Suraksha Kaavach

Experience simplicity and efficiency with our one-stop portal for all your insurance needs. Our secure payment system ensures your peace of mind. In association with IRDAI, we offer a wide range of life and non-life insurance products from top insurers. Whether you're an individual or a business, you can find comprehensive coverage for all types of risks. Easily compare plans that are customised to your requirements. With SpotPe, buying the best insurance policies is easy and ensures a secure future.

Mutual Funds

SpotPe Sang Nivesh Kare aur Aage Badhe

Our main goal is to make investing in Mutual Funds easy and profitable for you with SpotPe. We have a team of experienced financial experts who provide valuable advice to help you enable your clients to get the most out of their investments, along with promising returns. You and your client can enjoy portfolio diversification, potential returns on their investments, tax benefits on investments & maturity, along with portfolio management, different report generation, and risk management benefits with our easy-to-use platform for low-cost investments.

Remittance AEPS + DMT

Ab Paisa Bhejna Hua Aasaan with SpotPe!

We enable the customers with the ease of transferring money to multiple Bank Accounts in India with SpotPe, on a 24x7 basis. Moreover, we ensure to help our clients with all their queries, giving them an excellent support. Transfer money effortlessly through our Aadhaar-enabled platform and embrace the future of remittance with SpotPe's innovative associate network.

Our focus is to provide smooth and convenient online services for domestic money transfers through SpotPe, permitting clients to transfer funds quickly and in a hassle-free manner, making our online money transfer facility for domestic use one of the most preferred services in India.

Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)

Pay Bills Swiftly with SpotPe!

We make the payment of your utility bills super easy and fast with SpotPe. Forget about the stress of dealing with lots of bills – we are your go-to place for all your utility payments. You can quickly get your e-payment slips and see your bills right away. In addition, you can make payments up to 10 lakhs, giving you a lot of flexibility and control over your money. We want to make your life and make paying bills simpler with this platform, combining speed and convenience to make your payment experience better.